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Health Surplus


Health Surplus is a high deductible health insurance plan


  • This plan supplements your existing health insurance where you can go for higher sum insured over and above a deductible limit
  • It can be bought by those also who do not have any health policy
  • No Medical tests required up to the age of 55 years
  • No loading on renewal premium in case of a claim
  • Attractive family discount is available
  • Tax rebate available as per provision of Income Tax Rules under section 80-D


Room Rent Limit
No Limit
ICU Daily Rent Limit
No Limit
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses
60 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses
90 days
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage
After 48 months
Waiting Period for New Policy
30 days
Medical Screening
Above age 55 years
Nursing Allowance
24 hours